New world.
New skills.

Take on tomorrow with professional skills development courses.

The world has changed - your career should evolve with it. With our short, focused, professional skills development courses, you can get ready for jobs in growing fields like business, IT, non-clinical healthcare and education.

Preview of the professional development courses we plan to offer

Information Technology

Scrum Fundamentals

Learn how to build successful Agile teams using popular frameworks. As you work through the course, you’ll discover how concepts, principles, and Scrum methods deliver value to organizations. Explore how a sprint, the three roles of Agile, the five ceremonies, and three artifacts at the heart of Scrum come together to solve real-world problems.

Digital Marketing

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

This course explores Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the skill of optimizing keywords on a website to increase its visibility in search results. Learn about powerful strategies and tools that can be used to gain valuable insights into your web traffic and how to improve your website visibility. From quality analytics to avoiding spam, find out how SEO helps shape digital marketing today.

Social Media Marketing Essentials

Discover how to leverage the power of social media to impact an organization’s bottom line. Focusing on the top five social media platforms and tools used to drive traffic, you’ll learn how to craft quality content and use marketing analytics to create overall strategy.

Non-clinical Healthcare

Medical Billing & Coding Fundamentals

In this healthcare-focused course, you'll learn the important role billing and coding plays in ensuring patients have a positive experience and providers are reimbursed. Find out how to properly prepare claims and troubleshoot denials. Walk out with a better understanding of the fundamentals needed to be successful in this highly regulated field.

Electronic Medical Records

Learn the ins and outs of the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) field. This course will teach you the fundamentals of health information management and electronic records, and how to help healthcare organizations protect the privacy and integrity of patient’s records.


Foundations in Virtual Teaching

In today’s digital age, we’ve had to rethink how we see teaching. This course will help you transition from being at school, to building successful learning experiences with students outside the traditional classroom. You’ll learn how to take the same skills, tools, and platforms you rely on today and apply them online tomorrow.